About Me

Smiles from Beata
Hi there!

Thank you for stopping by my website. My love, my passion, my entire heart is in my photographs. I adore everyone who is in front of my lens and I’m perpetually inspired by bringing out a person’s essence, emotions.
I moved to South Lake Tahoe from Hungary in 1995 and began photographing weddings and portraits right away. I love being able to put people at ease in front of the camera so that their personality and style can shine. I’ve been known to do some pretty silly things to get a smile out of shy kids (and adults too!).
I am blessed and grateful every day to be able to work in a place like Lake Tahoe. My photography takes me outside no matter what the weather is like, no matter what time of the year it is.
I enjoy doing whatever it takes to personalize a wedding, or portrait session to make my clients feel like they can be who they really are with me.
My forte is natural light and documentary style, but I am highly skilled with posing and directing shots and using additional lighting to capture the beautiful views of Tahoe! When I’m not out shooting, you’ll find me teaching or doing CrossFit, often lifting heavy weights! I have a new Vizsla puppy, Zephyr. He is the most adorable thing ever but also rambunctious and overflowing with energy. Running or hiking with him on one of Tahoe’s many awesome trails is the highlight of my day!
I really enjoy chatting with clients and helping them with their photography needs. The creative processing inspires us both! I hope you’ll take a minute to call to chat about your plans or send me an email.